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Licensed Clinical Social Worker


Chad Anderson is a clinical social worker with 18 years of experience in the field. Residing in Utah since 2011, Chad happily helps individuals and couples work toward creating a better present by learning from the past and building toward an excellent future. Treatment plans are individualized based on the person’s goals, history, and ideas. When working on goals, Chad creates a balance of compassion and challenge in helping clients move toward the best versions of themselves. Chad wants each session to feel both nurturing and inspiring, where clients develop better understandings while challenging themselves to change all at once.


Chad gladly works with clients from any walk of life, and he specializes in areas related to LGBT issues, non-traditional relationships, faith transition work, and healing from trauma. Chad prides himself on working hard with his clients to achieve results quickly, though he adapts his therapy style based on individual client need and focus.



Chad received his social work education at Boise State University and Eastern Washington University, and he has had his clinical license since 2008.


Chad Anderson is not in-network with any insurance companies

Chad does not bill insurance companies directly. Fees are out-of-pocket and self-pay only. Upon request, standard or medical receipts can be provided so clients can seek out-of-network benefits or reimbursements with their insurance providers. Clients can pay with cash, check, Venmo, Paypal, HSA cards, or any standard credit card.

*Please contact Chad regarding his hourly rates*

Outdoor Business Meeting


Business Meeting




Chad Anderson is also available for corporate trainings and motivational speaking.

Chad has presented for groups and companies seeking training for mental health services. Chad prepares his lessons or speeches in accordance with the group of company’s individual needs. Prices for these services vary depending on availability, travel, the length of time of the meeting, and the size of the group involved. Chad is available to present on a number of topics.
Please use the form above, email, or text with any questions about individual, group, or company needs.

* Positive mental health
* Overcoming trauma
* Living a balanced life
* Healthy relationships
* Healthy spirituality
* The intersection of sexuality and spirituality

* LGBT issues
* Mindfulness
* Living your best life
* Overcoming depression and anxiety
* Effective management and leadership skills
* And more

Corporate Training


Chad is currently accepting new clients. Office hours are arranged by appointment only. Walk-ins are not available. Appointments can be scheduled for 60, 90, or 120 minutes.

Please use the form, email, or text to inquire about availability.

***Upon request, phone or Skype sessions can be scheduled***

1399 S 700 E, Ste 2 | Salt Lake City | UT


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"Chad and I worked together for years. He challenged me in ways I really appreciated. I may have hated these challenges in the moment, but when I was done with it, I learned a lot about myself and knew what I needed to do to move forward. Chad gave me tools to better communicate my needs and when I am in some dark place I know how to ask for what I need and help myself out of those dark moments. If you need someone who can help make you laugh in the dark times and be serious and stern, Chad is one of the best."


“Chad has a unique talent for making you feel comfortable and getting you to open up quickly. He is a great listener and willing to be bold and direct when necessary though at the same time empathetic and gentle when needed as well. His unique background growing up Mormon and now out as a confident gay man makes him relatable and understanding to the many issues faced by gay men in Utah. He is very accessible and sincere in his desire to want to help and goes the extra mile for his clients. I would highly recommend him. In my past few months going to therapy with him, I have already begun to heal and understand myself better. I look forward to the progress I will continue to make with him in the coming months and genuinely look forward to our sessions.”


“Chad makes me feel welcomed, heard, valued and celebrated for the individual I am. Each session I walk away feeling more confident in myself and my ability to navigate life. He has a way with words- he can articulate in short order what I may take minutes to express. And that’s helpful as it enables me to clearly ‘see’, feel and process. Chad's depth and breadth of expertise is obvious and provides an outlet to work through any of life’s challenges. Over a span of time, as we’ve sat and talked, I’ve come to truly trust Chad with my inner most thoughts. He’s helped me find my own way. He’s made a positive difference in my life.”


“I’ve had a difficult couple of years balancing motherhood, my relationships, and a career in the arts. Chad has helped me find balance. I’ve learned to prioritize and, more importantly, to let some things go. His unique set of experiences makes him both funny and wise, and I’m benefitting greatly from his expertise.”


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